Industry 4.0 in Wuhan

Prof. Peter Sachsenmeier, our Industry 4.0 expert, gave several presentations at Hankou University in Wuhan over three days. Hubei Province wants to achieve a leading position in “Made in China 2025” and Hankou University is proudly supporting that mission. For that purpose, Hankou University has decided to work with leading German Industry 4.0 experts to develop Wuhan into a Centre of Excellence for modern manufacturing.


The General Deputy Secretary of Hubei Provincial People’s Government and Director of the Research Center of Hubei Provincial People’s Government Mr. Liu LiangMou, the Director of Hubei Provincial Commission of Economy and Information Technology Mr. Wang Jian, the Professor of Wuhan University and Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering Prof. Mao Zhi, Academician of the German National Academy of Science and Engineering, Professor of Oxford University, Director of International Innovation Center Hankou University and Vice President of Hankou University Prof. Peter Sachsenmeier, Doctoral Tutor of China University of Technology Prof. Wang Deliang, Professor of Huazhong University of Science and Technology and Member of Council of China Computer Users Association Prof. Wen YuanBao and Dr. Shuang Haigui attended the seminar “HUBEI TAKE THE ACTION FOR MADE IN CHINA 2025”.


Prof. Peter Sachsenmeier spoke about “Industry 4.0: Are you ready for Disruption and New Opportunities. How to promote innovation? And how to encourage entrepreneurship and create employment opportunities?” in the seminar.

In the seminar it was pointed out that industries worldwide are waking up to the importance of an integrated internet approach, enabled by big data and ever faster processing and networks. Especially, Industry 4.0, a German buzzword for the digitally enabled advanced industries and services, has received worldwide attention and grabbed the headlines. Industry 4.0 at first glance is another “Made in Germany” success story, perfectly befitting a country with a proud engineering tradition and worldwide investments. However, the ideas relating to Industry 4.0 mark a dramatic change in how the world produces its goods, and force a similarly dramatic rethink in all industries, not only in manufacturing and associated distribution systems.


And Prof. Peter Sachsenmeier mentioned that China and Germany have a lot in common. Both countries strive to constantly modernize their manufacturing basis. While the latest initiative in China is called “Made in China 2025”, Germany follows its “Industry 4.0” blueprint. Both initiatives share similar objectives.



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