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We support you in expanding your business internationally. Whether you want to establish your business in Germany, Europe, China or Hong Kong: we have experts on the ground who know all relevant local requirements and make your start smoothly and successfully.

Feasibility and Market Studies

To make your investment decision easier and more transparent, we prepare feasibility and market studies for you and help you to prepare a sound business plan. Our specialists have a detailed knowledge about many industries. And if we do not have the relevant expertise in our team, we will find the right expert for you in our network.

Our support:

  • Market Analysis
  • Technical Analysis
  • Financial Analysis

Company Incorporation

We provide company incorporation services in Hong Kong, China, Germany, Russia and offshore company. Our consultants will assist our clients in the subsequent operations to comply with the company laws and tax regulations. We provide fully support for the clients to develop their business in different region.

  • Chinese Company Incorporation
  • German Company Incorporation
  • Hong Kong Company Incorporation
  • Offshore Company Incorporation
  • Overseas Company Incorporation

Trademark and Patent Registration

For protecting your intellectual property rights, we recommend to register trademarks and patents as soon as possible before starting in a new jurisdiction. We do the complete registration process on behalf of you and our legal team is also prepared to enforce your rights in case of any infringement.

  • Hong Kong Trademark
  • China Trademark
  • German Trademark
  • European Union Trademark
  • International Trademark

Trademark classification:

The 10th edition of the Nice Classification, an internationally accepted classification, issued by the World Intellectual Property Organization classifies the goods and services into 45 classes.

Virtual Office

By using our virtual office service, you can save costs when starting abroad. Together with local partners we will offer you flexible office solutions and take care of any inquiries by authorities or third parties before your team arrives on the ground. We help you registering your business and support your initial marketing initiatives. We arrange appointments with local authorities, notary as well as legal and tax advisors.


From establishing your company until merger & acquisitions or your initial public offering: we help you to operate efficiently and to keep your margins high.

Accounting and Auditing

We consult in accounting questions and help you to maximize your returns. Furthermore, we support you in selecting the right auditing company.

  • Bookkeeping Service
  • Establishment of Accounting Policy
  • Compilation of Financial Statements
  • Inventory Management
  • Cost Control
  • Statutory Audit
  • Internal Audit
  • Special Purpose Audit

Legal and Taxation

Legal and tax advice are two of our core businesses. Our team is not only familiar with the typical issues that might arise in operating your business abroad, but has also supported a lot of companies in solving very specific questions across various industries.

  • China
  • Germany
  • Hong Kong

Corporate Finance

Whether you need to raise money or you plan a major transaction, our corporate finance and legal teams will help you to execute it successfully.

  • Financial Advisory
  • Transaction Advisory
  • Tax Advisory
  • Performance Improvement
  • Interim Management


We know the major suppliers in all countries we operate and we help you to establish business contacts and to negotiate excellent conditions for making your business profitable.

  • Market Analysis
  • Product Management
  • Factory Audit
  • Quality Control
  • Contracting and negotiation
  • Logistic Support
  • After Sales Services

IPO Consulting

We are well aware of the complexity of taken a decision to go public and to execute it. This will most likely require major changes in your accounting and how you run your company. We help you to get prepared for going public and we also support you from preparing the IPO (e.g. financing and listing structures, evaluating stock exchange and selecting intermediaries, project management), via drafting the basic documents (business plan & financials, prospectus, other legal documents), developing your IPO story, marketing (road show arrangements, investor presentations) up to organizing the first trading day and fulfilling transparency requirements after being public. We also offer management trainings and we organize annual investor conferences and press relations on behalf of your listed company.

  • China
  • Germany
  • Hong Kong


A compelling business strategy is the basis for your international success. We support you to be successful abroad.

Market Research and Analysis

By providing up-to-date market research covering all the topics which are of interest for your business, we help you to adapt swiftly to changing market conditions.

Business and Strategic Planning

We help you to develop and to update your business plan and to monitor your performance vis-à-vis your local peers.

Business Valuation

We support you in valuating your business and that of competitors or potential targets. We do so by analyzing your financials and developing a sound business outlook.

Business Matching

And we help you to find the right partners for your business to grow and to become prosperous. On basis of our presence in several markets, we can match business interests among our clients and help to establish mutually beneficial business connections.


We support you in implementing your sales strategy and to promote your business abroad.

Sales Strategy

Effective sales strategies differ significantly in the countries we operate. We help you to translate your business goals into successful marketing and sales initiative. We also support you in finding the right partners – from marketing agencies up to distributors and reliable sales agents.

Event Organization

We prepare and organize presentations and events for you. We find the right location and distinguished speakers for your conference and workshops. We executive the invitation process on behalf of you and make sure that you select the right point in time for your event, taking local holidays and competing events into account.

Trade Fairs

In many businesses it is essential to be present at the major trade fairs. In particular, if you want to build up your brand in a new jurisdiction, we highly recommend to consider participating in the relevant gatherings. We help you to select the right trade fair, to register and to receive favourable conditions for your booth or your sponsorship. We also support you in preparing your trade fair participation by inviting potential clients and partners to your booth or arranging meetings with them during the fair. We will promote your participation locally and regionally and help you to follow up with all your trade fair contacts.


Our marketing team provides all kinds of social media networks to fulfil your needs to international, local and the rapid expanding China market. We provide you to comprehensive social media solution, which cooperates to your marketing plan to promote your brand’s spread on the hottest online trend.

  • Mobile Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Marketing Web App
  • Sales Lead Generator
  • Youtube Marketing


A good investment starts with the right investment strategy and finding the right targets.


We do the local scouting on behalf of you and help you to prepare long and short lists on basis of your requirements. We act as an intermediary for you to avoid disclosing your interest too early. We collect all necessary publicly available information and summarize them for you in a standardized form.

Merger and acquisitions

Furthermore, we help you to manage your merger & acquisition activities, from the first contacts to the target company up to the closing of your transaction. Our corporate finance and legal teams are prepared to identify any showstoppers and to reduce your risks throughout the whole process.

Due diligence

A sound due diligence is key for any successful transactions. We go beyond the traditional financial and legal audit and also look at intercultural risks and compatibility of businesses in general, as well as marketing, operation, risk management, IT, information security and business continuity of the target company.

Investment projects

We help you to manage any investment projects abroad and to gain all required local permissions for your transaction.

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